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NFT Character

Mike the 3D NFT Version is a project we worked on to showcase our nft character making capabilities. Project NFT Character Type Design Link See it on Youtube

Cartoon teen

Mike to Uni is a product we created to be solt as advertisment or in use as website illustrations. Create completly from scratch, rigged in blender. Project Mike from Uni Type Design Link See it on Youtube

Cartoon website illustration

Custom 3D Character illustration used in Website. Fully rigged in blender with adavance custom color changing features. Project James and Jenifer Type Design Link See it on Youtube

Cartoon Character modeling

Cartoon character modeling project for a client for a cooking show, made from scratch using Blender. Project Jade Cartoon Character Type Character Modeling

Canned drink

Calm drink brings out some great drinks that calm you down, made fully in blender from scratch and fx/lighting, and render done by us as well.

Team fearless

Created fully in Blender using the Eevee engine. Team fearless concentrates on self-development and improvement with moving speeches and songs, they asked us to make something great in limited time and budget using one of their speeches, so starting from the ground up we made started with storyboards until the final render.

Ham and Ster

Ham and Ster was one of our favorite projects to date, it was an educational cartoon show for kids including 2D and 3D animation, created fully from the ground up by sketching design ideas for characters, modeling, and finally animation and render.